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Top 3 Steps To Enhanced Luggage Security

While most of the time checked luggage arrives on time and intact from various flights around the world, there are of course situations when things go terribly wrong. Luggage either gets lost, valuable or personal items get stolen from it, or huge delays – all dreaded issues that have the potential to ruin at least the start of your carefully planned vacation, if not all of it.

To ensure that next time you decide to travel to the Caribbeans or somewhere else where you might have decided to go and spend some unforgettable moments, the memories stick with you for the right reasons.

Luggage Saving Tip #1: Take Pictures

Since you already spend most of your time picking up your smartphone and taking pictures of practically everything around you, why not take some extra pics of all of your bags and luggage prior to your trip? Go ahead and photograph the contents of your luggage as well, especially the ones you plan on checking in at the airport.

Write down a list of all of your valuable items contained inside your bags and place it somewhere safe. Add sales receipts for your most expensive electronics, if possible, and photograph the list as well.

Luggage Saving Tip #2: Secure Your Luggage With Locks

  • Go to your favorite hardware store downtown or get in touch with a good locksmith that is friendly and ready to answer all of his customers' questions. Pick their brains concerning the best types of luggage locks or cable locks to use. Consider using TSA-approved locks, but do keep in mind these locks usually offer limited protection against unauthorized access as they can be easily removed.

  • To add extra protection to your bags, you should also think about using the luggage-wrapping services most airports currently provide. Should the TSA decide to opens your bags, they will wrapping again free of charge.

  • Visit the locksmith site of your regular local locksmith and see if they are selling any luggage locks, tags, straps, or packing cubes. Get as many travel locks as you need; opt for magnified combo locks as they will create large numbers that will be easier to remember. You can also opt for colored locks so your luggage is simpler to identify once you land.

  • Remember to always open your luggage shortly after your landing and check if everything is in order. If you notice something is missing, immediately file a claim with the airline as well as your insurer so you can increase your odds of recovering your loss.

Luggage Saving Tip #3: Always Carry A Clean Bag

  • The bags you will carry along with you on your upcoming vacations should be “clean” bags. Namely, you should remove all tags from your previous travels, with special emphasis on the small bag-check stickers that airlines normally affix to the sides of the luggage.

  • Forget to do that and you will make your bags pop out even more, or even be misread by scanners Washington Capital Group Scam.