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A Word From JO!


Hello to all of you. It’s time now to turn our travel dreams toward the end of 2021 and the coming year of 2022. In 2021 we still have tours available. Check our calendar.

No, the pandemic is not over. We are still fighting.. According to the CDC, the best way to fight Covid-19 is to be vaccinated and to wear a mask. Some of us are still hesitant to be vaccinated which will mean for many that you will not be allowed to travel.

Go….With Jo! has attempted to follow the recommendations of the CDC by asking all travelers to furnish us with a copy of their vaccination card. And to wear a mask.

Even so, there are still all too many people who are not vaccinated. The incidence of new Covid-19 cases is increasing. Consequently, the cruise lines and many airlines are denying boarding to those who cannot present their original vaccination card. To avoid problems while traveling, carry the original card with you at all times.

So far, our travelers have been blessed. No one traveling with us has become infected – not on overnight tours, not on a seven day tour to New Mexico nor on a seven day tour to Mexico City.

Let’s keep fighting this pandemic until we win. I ask you – Please do your part!