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A Word From JO!

Hi, are you ready to travel? Are you ready to go out and explore the world around us?

I know I am. But until we can win out battle against the corona virus, we need to just stay put, wear that mask, practice social distancing and do everything possible to bring this pandemic under control. All of our scheduled tours are on hold until we can bring this pandemic under control.

We have been busy trying to get our hotel and attraction contracts for 2021. As usual, most all of the hotels and attractions are increasing their rates for next year. We are trying to negotiate the best rates that we can to keep the costs down.

One thing we cannot do is disregard social distancing…..and this applies to motor coach travel as well as to air travel. The number of persons that are currently allowed on the busses is greatly reduced which will mean an increase in the cost of the tour to me – and I have to pass that cost on to you.

I am concerned for all of us. My greatest desire is that we all stay healthy. The other concern is how to stretch our income and lower expenses in such a time of stress. A fixed income sounds great – at least there is an income. I know many of you are probably helping children and grandchildren who have been furloughed or who may have lost jobs. Your fixed income may have been stretched to the limit. This means we have to cut back a little for that extra called travel. If that is the case, look at some of the shorter tours.

Shorter tours have always been popular. They may become even more popular this coming year.. If you are planning on any tour – short or long – for this fall and winter season, please register early in order to assure yourself a seat. Hotels and attractions all give me a deadline to pay deposits and another deadline to cancel or cut back. These deadlines must be met to protect our deposits.

Hopefully, I will be able to publish prices and dates by mid October. If you have an idea for a tour that you would like included, please send me an e-mail at joliston@gowithjo.com. I will be glad to check it out.

In the meantime, please stay safe and stay well. See you soon.