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Go…With Jo! One Year Older!

How time does fly! A whole year has passed since our last catalogue was published. More than twenty-four years have passed since we offered our first tour. During all those years Go…With Jo! has continued to offer the most exciting tours at affordable prices and an excellent accompanying staff we continue to offer quality and value for our customers. As we continue to strive for excellence we also search for the best deals, best locations and above all, the best customer service for all our guests. Wherever you go, Go… with Jo! …because we take care of you!


How do we maintain our quality? I depend on you and on our professional hand-picked drivers and our licensed, experienced guides as well as an office staff that has years and years of experience. Each of my customers is given a blue sheet to complete at the end of each trip. Please fill that in. Let me know if there was a problem. Did you have fun? Was the guide and the driver, the hotels and the food up to your expectations? And most of all, what are your suggestions?

Changes in Itineraries

Sometimes customers suggest a change in itinerary. And sometimes it just cannot be changed. Maybe the day was a little longer than we had hoped, but to stop any sooner is sometimes impossibility when there is not an adequate hotel for the group. Please be assured, Jo reads every blue sheet – sometimes more than once. I consider very carefully all of your comments and suggestions.

Since many were requesting a round trip bus tour to Chiapas and to the Yucatan, Jo decided to go back to the original itinerary – a 15 day round trip bus tour to the Yucatan.

Changes in Hotels

You are going to notice that some of the hotels have been changed in some of the cities. It is difficult to leave a hotel where you have made friends with the owners and employees. BUT when the service in a hotel begins to decline and continues to decline and your blue sheets continue to tell me so, it’s time for a change. Remember, I am reading those blue sheets carefully. I need to hear from you!

More Meals Added

Another change we have made! More included meals. These have been added for your convenience… often so that you will not have to wait or feel rushed. I think you will like these changes.