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Getting Along Wherever you go!

Below is some advice on what TO DO and what NOT to do when traveling with Go…With Jo!


  • Smile and keep smiling
  • Shake hands every chance you get
  • Laugh with them – never at them
  • Speak their language if only a few words
  • Be gracious, a light bow of the head with an accompanying smile is a beautiful gesture in any land
  • Observe their customs even though you may not always agree with them


  • Expect to find things as they are at home. You are on your tour to experience new and different things.
  • Poke fun at their money, their food, their clothes, their customs or anything about them.
  • Feel sorry for them. Accept them for what they are – people like you and me. The dignity of man takes in all people of all lands. Don't give to beggars!
  • Hesitate to say "no" if somebody tries to sell you something you don't want.
  • Forget that you are a guest in this land and he who treats his host with respect shall in turn be treated as an honored guest.

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