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Jo’s Helpful Tour Tips

Thank you for deciding to Go…With Jo! Once you go on one of Jo’s trips, you will see the difference. I often hear my customers say, I am going to Go…With Jo! because Jo will always…Take Care of Me!

Lie back and enjoy!

Let your guide take care of you. You are on vacation. If there is a problem, if you need another towel, if there is a leaky faucet, T.V. needs repairing, please report it to the guide. You just lie back and enjoy!


Be comfortable. Wear shoes that are already broken in; clothes that feel good. Please wear shorts ONLY in beach resorts.

Pack light!

Packing and unpacking can be a real chore. Most people take too many clothes. Save room for the gifts and souvenirs that you will bring back.

Dress in layers!

Instead of one heavy jacket, it is best to have a sweater and a windbreaker so that you can add or take off a layer according to the weather.

Check the altitude

The altitude will influence the temperature and will help you prepare your wardrobe. Refer to Climate Chart on last page.

Ask for help!

Montezuma’s Revenge, that age old stomach problem that attacks travelers in many countries, doesn’t just go away! We want to be there when you need us. DON’T WAIT UNTIL MORNING! Let your tour conductor know immediately if there is a problem.

Stick to your schedule!

Please! Just do the usual! Sometimes difficult when traveling – but please try.


Please do not change medications just before a trip nor while on a trip. If you must change a medication, do so with plenty of anticipation – like at least six weeks or more. Also…please take your medications as they have been prescribed. It is wise to have your medications in your carry on bag.

Eat lighter!

On a tour you probably sit more than you do at home. With less exercise, eat less. We Americans probably eat too much, anyway.

Drink less!

…Alcohol that is! Alcohol may affect you more quickly while traveling especially if you are at a higher altitude. But drink more water.

Luggage limits!

Please – one checked piece and one carry on shoulder bag!!!!!! Ask about measurements and weight limits if you are flying.


The most often asked question is “How much money do I need?” Each person spends differently. Budget equally to what you would spend in the United States – backed up by credit cards. ATM machines seem to be popping up all over and they spit out the currency of that country.


Expensive jewelry is better left at home. Also, anything of sentimental value should be left at home.


Take one! Carry a light one or a net scrubber in a ziplock bag. Some hotels do not furnish washcloths in Europe nor in Latin American countries.


Tipping is an indication that you liked the service you received. On all Go…With Jo! trips, baggage and maid tips are included. Tips to guide and driver are not included. See the below page for suggestions on tipping.


A Passport is always the best form of identification. A border crossing card can be used only on the border of the US and Mexico and cannot be used to travel into the interior. EVERYONE should furnish the office with a copy of your I.D.(s) if traveling out of the United States. When writing your airline ticket, your name must appear exactly as on the passport.   If you are a Mexican Citizen flying out of the United States, you MUST carry your PASSPORT & your RESIDENT ALIEN CARD &/OR YOUR VISA (I-94).


Some countries also require visas…sometimes they are free and sometimes there is a charge. If traveling into Mexico beyond the first check point a Visa is required unless you are a Mexican citizen or have dual citizenship. Currently, there is a charge for the Mexican Visa if you intend to stay more than seven days or if you are flying.  NO CHARGE for stays of 7 days or less.

The paid Mexican tourist visa is good for six months on land travel and WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU AT THE END OF THE TOUR. However, it must be returned to the Mexican Immigration authorities at the end of 6 months.  The Visa is not returned to you if traveling by air.

MAKE COPIES of your passport, visa, credit cards, travelers checks and flight coupons and keep these separate from the original documents.