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A Word from Jo!

Well, 1983 was a long time ago. But how fast the years have passed. I have enjoyed every year! Thanks for making it possible. I only wish that I could have had enough courage to have started my business sooner!

Travel – meeting new people, making new friends, learning about our history, trying the foods and appreciating the culture of another area or country is probably the most rewarding and educational pastime that exists. We need to broaden our minds! We need to strengthen our beliefs! Let’s step out of our shell and see the world!

I fulfilled a dream in 2010. Every ten years, there is a performance in Oberammergau, Germany of the Passion of Christ. I couldn’t afford to go in 2000. So 2010, it had to be! I saved up lots of dollars and the annual trip with my grandson became a reality. Why not save and take someone from your family on a special trip?

Our tours this year cover the globe beginning with Texas and the United States,Mexico, Overseas, Cruises, Religious Tours and One Days. Find one that is especially for you and Lets Go! We have something for everyone. Call today!

Worried about travel into Mexico? The problems and the news coverage is affecting all of us on both sides of the border. And yet, problems and violence are everywhere. Did you know that there are more murders in the United States than in Mexico? Did you know that per capita, Mexico averages only .01% more murders than the United States? Generally, the violence has been drug related -either policemen who were believed to favor one cartel over another, policemen who were trying to stop the violence, government officials who were against drugs and violence and yes, sometimes innocent bystanders who were caught in the crossfire.

This year, I personally have been into Mexico spending over three weeks flying in through Reynosa, and not by choice, sometimes traveling over lonesome highways even at night. But I didn’t fly back into Reynosa at 11:00pm. To me, that would have been foolish. You decide. Its up to you!




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